About Us

All the "experts" tell us to limit screen-time for our kids, but leave what to do instead vague and overwhelming. We believe toys are tools for playing, creating and learning together. 

Rainbows & Rocks was created by a multicultural team of moms and former teachers that use our practical-personal and masters-level professional experiences to curate a collection of toys and activities that cultivate screen-free connection. 

We have 10 kids spanning a decade from as young as 10 months to 11 years old and can check almost every box on an ethnicity survey. We know we are not the only caregivers and educators that spend a lot of time searching the internet for purposeful toys and gifts. So, we decided to create Rainbows and Rocks. 

R & R Mission: 

To be a resource for parents, educators and child-caregivers providing purposeful toys & activities that allow adults to connect with kids through screen-free play.

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